business opportunity...

Is working for yourself not what you expected? Are you lacking motivation & vision when it comes to evolving your business, dealing with difficult situations or more importantly growing your business? 
Are you lonely in the world of business ownership? Crave that community feel?

We totally get that which is why we have transformed our business model from a traditional franchise business into what it stands for today.

Remember those days when you first open the doors of your salon business because you LOVE doing hair & wanted that sense of freedom to run your own business. Only you get there & a few months or maybe years down the road & realise its not only a lonely & costly business, but you've also lost your edge, worn down & are in a constant battle to keep going. Even worse you are being left behind with marketing, systems & processes & HR. 

Where & whom do you turn to? 

Many Salon Owners appoint a business coach with the belief that all of their problems will be resolved with a magical fairy. Yet you still need to find the time to implement the new idea, system, or create the marketing plans instead of focussing on what it is you love & that is doing hair.

Introducing Blow Dry Bar Business Opportunity ... more than just a blow dry bar, we are a salon business with a dedicated focus on retaining quality clients for the long term. 

Our business is a network of like-minded salon owners collaborating as one brand to deliver consistency & quality whilst empowering women of the world to lead a more confident life.

With turn key operations covering everything from HR practices, business essentials, systems & processes & ongoing marketing plans & supplier agreements, everything is covered so that you & your team can enjoy the fruits of your labour. The best part of all is as a Salon Owner, you can sleep easy at night knowing that a lot of the challenges that kept you awake at night are being taken care of.

Ongoing mentoring to rebuild your motivation & ignite that passion for why you opening your business in the first place is what we do. Our Support team is exactly that, so you are never alone. 

We are so passionate about what it is we do and we invite existing salon owners to join our community. 
If you would like to know more about how we could help transform your business, please contact us for a confidential chat.